How to Choose a PCB Assembly Manufacturer

With regards to choosing the contract manufacturing partner to delegate the printed circuit board assembly tasks, here are 7 factors that need to be taken into account in order to pick the best PCB assembly firm.

1. Price

Considering that labor costs differ, one must ask for detailed list of the total manufacturing cost. Examine what the things are deemed as part of the manufacturing costs. After that, carry out a research intended to compare the costs. This is going to help determine whether their costs are consistent with the competition and the industry average. Make sure about getting the accurate comparison the detailed cost and the total price.

2. Quality Systems

PCB assemblyMake certain that the PCB assembly business possesses a quality system readily available, like ISO 9001:2008. This qualification should be the least certification to look for in a company in order to guarantee that they are able to produce an excellent product. In case it has a different quality system available, check whether the assembly company is accredited by a licensed registrar at the moment. Ultimately, know if the assembly firm will say yes to invest in growing to be accredited to a similar quality system as the customer company. When they agree, it only signifies that they are determined to have a lasting business relationship.

3. Staff

To make sure the assembler can certainly finish the manufacturing on time demands not merely properly maintained equipment. It also necessitates a team of certified assembly technicians. Thus, evaluate the certification and training records of the staff. See to it that they have received the technical qualifications for them to carry out their given duties. For non certified staff members, examine their development in the process of certification.

4. Procurement

Carry out an assessment of their procurement division. Do they keep a sufficient internal inventory? Do they get their supplies from local merchants or from various geographic locations? What is the character of the seller relationships? Do they maintain the close business relationships enough to give discounts easily? How about the rare or outdated parts – how does the procurement division approach this circumstance? Do they include purchasing professionals who are equipped with knowledge in finding alternatives for outdated parts? Are they able to take the drawings or schematics and create a List of materials with minimal assistance?

5. Equipment

The efficiency of the production equipment being used by the PCB assembly contract manufacturer is crucial to their capacity to carry through the specifications of the contract. Do they own a brand new or outdated equipment? Are the reflow ovens, pick-and-place machines, and wave soldering tools properly maintained? Going over their maintenance records can provide the customers with the assurance that the assembly company thinks seriously about the quality. This certainly develops trust in any business relationship.

6. Location

Choosing a contract company that is located just within a short distance from the customer’s business offers additional flexibility and speed to adjust to transforming circumstances particularly when a final target time is close at hand. A PCB company that is situated in the neighborhood is also far easier when site surveys have to be executed and when lack of resources and elements come about.

7. Shipping

The capacity to meet shipping or delivery due dates is a crucial full to help see whether a contract company has the ability, workers and resources to satisfy the business requirements. Whenever feasible, get information from the printed circuit board manufacturer with regards to their capacity to meet work deadlines. Obtain a comprehensive understanding about the people producing the PCB assembly and where they manufacture them.

PCB assembly is a methodology which makes the PCB components mounted and soldered in the printed circuit board.

Three Valuable Tips in Choosing Your First Set of Golf Clubs

Are you planning to buy your 1st set of gold clubs? It is not advisable to just hit the stores and pick the first golf set that catches your interest. Golf clubs can be quite expensive so you need to make sure that you are investing on the right one. Here are some useful tips you can use when shopping for your golf set.

What are your goals in golfing?

You first need to determine what your realistic golf plans are before you go shopping. Do you plan to play golf a couple times during the year while you are out with your father-in-law? If that is the case, you do not really need to invest a lot of time, money and effort in buying golf clubs. But if you plan to enthusiastically pursue golfing and you believe that you will be able to play if you will only be given the chance, you may need to spend more time in choosing your golf set. You may need to look into the golf clubs used by renowned professionals such as the Taylormade golf sets so you can gauge which particular playing style suits a particular design.


Taylormade golfIt is ideal if you can perform an honest assessment of your dedication even before you think about how much you are ready to spend on your golf set or on what quality of clubs you are interested in. How often can you practice golf? Do you plan on taking golf lessons? If your answer to both questions is “no” or “maybe not”, then you may need to consider cheaper golf clubs. But if you answered “yes” to both questions, it could mean that high quality golf sets such as Taylormade Golf clubs may be appropriate for you.


If you seem uncertain of your plans when it comes to golfing or you know that you have a not so good history of dropping a hobby after a couple of months, it may be a good idea for you to buy used golf clubs first. They will be far cheaper than new golf sets. And when are convinced that you really want to seriously pursue golfing, you can easily replace your second-hand golf clubs with a new set.

Determine your budget.

High quality golf clubs can really be quite expensive because they guarantee high quality standards. But you do not really need to keep up with the Joneses if you cannot afford it. Here, you also need to honestly assess how much you can afford and are willing to spend on your golf clubs. But of course, the amount that you will be willing to spend can be tied to the dedication that you think you can give to golfing. Of course, if money is not an issue to you, you can always buy the top of the line golf clubs like Taylormade Golf so you can have a wonderful experience in golfing. But it is always ideal for beginners to start with a reasonably priced first golf set so that in case you eventually drop out of the game, you would not have wasted a lot of money.

Make sure your golf clubs fit you.

When you go into a Taylormade Golf store, you will be willingly assisted by trained personnel in measuring which golf clubs suit your body type best. You may also consider working with teaching professionals who can perform a thorough club-fitting that can last for around 30 to 45 minutes. This is ideal if your height is way below or way above 5’ 10” which is the standard height used in many of the regular off-the-shelf golf clubs.


You might also know by now that nothing really beats a good golf swing. But if you are a brand new golfer, you can make it easier on yourself when you choose game improvement golf clubs which are designed for higher-handicappers. It is ideal if you can get irons that have been perimeter-weighted and cavity backed. You may consider hybrid sets which consists of long irons that have been substituted with hybrid clubs. Choose a driver that has more loft. Yes, they may seem very amateurish compared to what the Tour players are using but you need to accept that that is where you need to start.

Tips in Finding Affordable Long island real estate Properties


The world of real estate is experiencing a slump; as a result, some commercial properties today are very cheap. This is then a great time to invest in Long Island commercial real estate. But just because there are many properties sold affordably, this does not mean you should buy the first cheap property you see. You need to plan your purchase and know what you are getting into. Remember that a cheap but bad property is not a bargain at all. In this article you will know the tips to locate reasonably-priced commercial real estate properties.


Know what the word cheap means in terms of commercial real estate. The anticipated income stream of a cheap property must significantly exceed its acquisition and operation costs.


Commercialized real estate properties are of different types that have very different business models such as offices, apartments, hotels, industrial and retail properties. You should therefore narrow your choices to the kind of property you want.


Contact real estate agents or professionals who would be able to assist you in finding and buying cheap Long island real estate properties. These people know their particular market and the area’s probable sellers. You can also contact a good lawyer specializing in real estate as he has the knowledge on structuring such deals.


long island real estateFind properties advertised wherein the owners sell them at a discounted price for personal reasons. Once you find such properties, check them thoroughly and ask the reason why they are being sold. The owners are probably liquidating their assets because they are doing estate planning. They may also have loans to pay and are having a hard time paying them; thus, they need to sell their properties. Be aware that there are a lot of commercial real estate properties that have been foreclosed so they are sold at huge discounts by banks or the lenders.


Check your financing status and arrange the deal properly. It is not easy these days to borrow money for you to purchase a commercial property. You will need to convince the lender that your identified property will give you enough income so that your loan will always be current. When you buy foreclosed properties on the other hand, you may have to pay in cash. This is easier because you will no longer search for a lender although your equity will be at risk should the investment be a bad one.


Learn how to negotiate or bargain a price as commercial real estate properties are now negotiable unless they are auction-traded. Research and think properly prior to buying a property so that you will know the kind of price you will go for and the amount of money you will make once it is yours.


These are the tips in finding cheap Long island real estate properties.

8 Things to Consider Before Investing in a Portable Storage Container

Whether you intend to purchase or rent a portable storage container, this is a pretty large investment. As such, you want to be sure that you are spending your money on the right one.

To do so, there are some factors that you have to consider first before you agree with a company to rent out or purchase one of their containers. To help you make that decision, here are the top 8 things that you have to look into when choosing between the storage containers available.


Storage containerMost storage containers have branded locking systems that can help ensure the security of the items you store in your container.Most containers also include security features that protect your items, not only from possible theft, but also from other factors that may damage your valuables, such as fire and storms. Make sure that you check for these security features before purchasing or renting a portable storage container.


Portable storage containers commonly come in three sizes—10-foot, 20-foot, and 40-foot containers—to give you options on what size is more suitable for the type of items you plan to store in them.


The metal portable storage containers that you choose should be rust-resistant. It’s almost always a given that these containers are already rust-resistant, but it’s best to be sure and ask with the company before investing in one, especially if you intend to use the container for some time or if the weather conditions are unpredictable in the area where they will be stored.


If you intend to use the portable storage containers as mobile class rooms or offices, you should choose customizable containers. Not all companies allow for their containers to be customized, so if you plan to convert a container to a room or office, make sure you inquire with the company first if this is possible.


People often pay little attention to the doors of portable storage containers when making a decision on what container to invest in. There are some containers that prove to be hard to use because the doors aren’t too easy to open. It’s important to choose a container with some sort of special fitting or patented technology that allows you to open the door easily, especially if you know you’ll be coming in and out of it often.


Before you invest in a portable storage container, you should already have planned on where to store it so that this won’t be a problem once the container is delivered to you. If there is no space for the container in your home or workplace, most companies will allow you to keep them in their storage areas.

Rental Agreement

If you plan to rent a container and not purchase it, make sure that you are provided with a copy of the rental agreement and that you read through it before signing anything. Don’t hesitate to clarify anything that seems confusing for you, and make sure that the agreement allows you to return the container immediately after use so you won’t be charged for over-booking.

Overall Condition

Before you rent a portable storage container, check its overall condition. Make sure that you document any fault that you see—dents, rust spots, faulty features, or damages—because you might be held responsible for them. See to it that these faults are written onto the agreement so you won’t be charged for them afterwards.

Use this as a checklist the next time you visit a storage container company so that you can be sure that the container you choose is the one most suited for your needs.

All about HRCI Recertification Training

You can’t stop your employees from having thoughts of leaving. But what if due to his talent and skills, you can’t afford to lose him? How can you make him stay?

This is when HRCI Recertification Training comes in.

HRCI Recertification Training Defined

HRCI Recertification Training refers to those policies and practices companies implement to avoid their valuable employees from resigning and leaving their jobs. Retention of employees has become a very critical topic, and keeping valuable staff is one of the major struggles that a company faces.


HRCI Recertification TrainingBefore, it’s just okay for companies to implement the ‘revolving door’ policy wherein employees just come and go – these companies don’t mind having a vacant position; after all, there’s another eager candidate willing to fill the gap.


The policy would have been good, however businesses realize that they would have to spend time, money and energy in training a candidate, polishing him and honing his skills… only for him to become a valuable commodity that’s leaving and searching for greener pastures.


To create a successful venture, companies should be open to different options with regard to keeping their employees; at the same time they should also be thinking of ways to keep their trust and loyalty to lessen their chances of leaving.

Why Make Them Stay?

An employee wants to leave. Why won’t you let him? Why make him stay?


A company should understand that their employees are their best commodity. Without capable employees who are good at their tasks, a company will be in really serious trouble. HRCI Recertification Training saves businesses money in the long run.


To replace lost talent, you have to spend 70 to 200% of the said employees’ yearly salary – this includes the recruiting and advertising expenses, as well as the new hire’s orientation and training. The productivity is also decreased until the new employee adapts and is up to speed. To add, employees who had been loyal to the employee who left might resign as well.


Looking for the best employees, hiring them and giving them the proper training will serve as an investment for the company. Once the company hired talented people, the company expects that their investment be returned by eliminating opportunities for these people to leave and walk out.

Why do employees leave?

What causes employees to leave?

  • Younger employees desire career growth
  • Management doesn’t know how to motivate their employees
  • Work environment is not at par with other companies of the same field
  • The economy is rising, hence better opportunities arise
  • Latest technology (e.g. LinkedIn) makes it easier for people to look for a different job

An employee can always find ways to look for a new job if he or she’s no longer happy. What companies can do, in return, is to make sure their employees are satisfied enough not to go astray.

How do you fix these attrition issues?

When people leave, it’s the management that’s immediately blamed. People say that when employees leave, it’s not the company they leave, but the manager. Well, yes, there’s some truth to this – after all, you don’t want to stay with a manager that’s uncaring and difficult.


In any event, businesses will have to accept that employees will choose to part ways with the company at some point. There are strategies that can be implemented to stop the trend, but in reality, you can’t stop it completely. All the company can do is to build on its strengths and improve its weaknesses to help hire and retain the best employees, as well as maintain their image to ensure everyone’s loyalty.